Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ian Hamilton QC Censures The Dame Of Shame

 Legal elder statesman, Ian Hamilton QC, who was until recently a staunch SNP supporter, has stated that "Dame of Shame", Elish Angiolini, is not a fit person to be admitted to the Faculty of Advocates and questions whether political pressure was brought to bear to facilitate her entry.

 One of the numerous examples of Angiolini's unsuitability which he cites is her failure to respond to Freedom of Information requests related to the Hollie Greig case.

 Mr Hamilton also appeared on BBC Scotland's  "Newsnight" programme where he was extremely critical of senior figures in Scottish legal and political circles.

  ‎"Our human rights record in Scotland since devolution has been appalling. I would blame it particularly on two people: Angiolina (sic), the recently retired Lord Advocate; and the Minister of Justice, what's his name ?, Kenny MacAskill ?"

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  1. A bit of a late call, but wouldn't it be great to get 'Google Hollie Greig' as the last 'News of the screws' banner headline...then monopolise the next seven or thirteen pages.