Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letter to Colin McKerracher

 On 12th February 2010, I was arrested as I was walking towards central Aberdeen where I intended to distribute leaflets about the Hollie Greig case. During the course of a taped interview with two Grampian Police detectives, I supplied them with information about an individual whom I had strong reason to believe may have been involved in the death of Roy Greig on 17th November 1997, which at the time was not regarded as suspicous.

 In the intervening period, Malcolm Webster has been found guilty of murdering his wife in 1994. The circumstances of Mrs Webster's death were very similar to those of Roy Greig's and, once again, Grampian Police did not regard her death as suspicous at the time.

 As I am not aware of any investigations whatsoever being made into the death of Roy Greig, I have written to Colin McKerracher, Chief Constable of Grampian Police, asking him what action he proposes to take in respect of this matter.

 In the same letter, I have asked Mr McKerracher to investigate why the official transcript of my taped interview, which forms part of the evidence to be used in my Breach of the Peace trial, omits the crucial section in which I refer to the death of Roy Greig.

 It is not credible that this could have been omitted by accident and I regard this apparent tampering with evidence as a gravely serious matter.

 I have previously written separately to three senior officials of the Crown Office asking for an explanation of why this section of the interview was omitted from the transcript but all have failed to respond.


  1. why would they delete your comments with regard to roy greig , is that legal?

  2. NMD - As a result of my experience in the courts I try to avoid describing anything as "legal" or "illegal" and prefer the terms "right" and "wrong". I regard the deletion of my comments regarding the death of Roy Greig as very wrong.

  3. Robert,

    It all sounds very suspicious indeed. Can you ask for written evidence to be included with the tapes? Make a statement to the effect that the tapes do not contain an accurate reflection of what transpired and submit additional material to be included with these.

    From what I have heard about the death of Roy Greig, the authorities have gone to great lengths to suppress the truth. Question is, what have they got to hide?


  4. thank you Mr Green , something is very wrong