Thursday, July 21, 2011

What Is More Serious ? Phone Hacking Or Paedophilia ?

 I am baffled by the blanket media coverage of the so-called "phone hacking scandal" and also by the resources which the police are deploying to investigate this matter.

 I am not suggesting that invasions of privacy are a trivial matter and it is in the public interest to be made aware of how politicians and police have, for their own reasons, appeared to turn a blind eye to this practice in the past.

 However, surely no-one would suggest that listening to phone messages is as serious a crime as the rape of a disabled child ?

 Why do the mainstream media continue to ignore the Hollie Greig case ?

 How many police officers were involved in the investigation of Hollie's allegations ?

 David Cameron has been drawn into the phone hacking scandal due to the fact that his recently departed Director of Communications, Andy Coulson, was formerly Editor of the News Of The World. Interestingly, Coulson's successor in Downing Street, Craig Oliver, has connections to the Hollie Greig case.

 Not only is Oliver a friend and former BBC colleague of Mark Daly, who pulled the plug on a planned documentary on the case, but his father is disgraced ex-policeman Dr Ian Oliver, who was Chief Constable of Grampian Police for the majority of the period throughout which Hollie alleged she was abused.


 There were no significant developments at Stonehaven Sheriff Court yesterday and the next intermediate diet will take place on August 18th.



  1. The handshake Murdock - Salmond what does this tell you? See image

    If you think you have heard the worst about corrupt met cops wining and dining with Murdoch's henchmen the lot of it pales next to the real purpose of what British cops get up to on a daily basis. They are the thugs and lackeys for the crooked judges and lawyers who create the illegal court orders that see vast swathes of families destroyed within their utter dens of iniquity.

    The stories being exposed are horrific, and no doubt the private messages of victims being used to titillate the readers of Murdoch's obnoxious rags, are bad but these pale next to the monstrous theft of land, business, property but most importantly children and how masonic cops are being used by the utterly corrupt legal mafia to destroy lives when they are not sucking up to Murdoch and his dodgy payments for data and locations of the many victims his empire targeted.

    Now our group more than most understand the repercussions of how masons have embedded themselves in the most powerful positions across the UK, and no doubt emulated across the globe. What we see unfolding with the hacking scandal is the minimal amount of exposures, that in some way distracts attention away from what these evil bastard cops get up to every day. Homelessness and house seizure is the crime of the century and makes the phone hacking scandal look paltry compared with the repercussions of men en masse being relieved of all their worldly possessions by the utter scum and dregs of the earth , just like their phone hacking exploits , and who see a police state operating a sinister and vile redistribution of mens wealth into the hands of the masonic mafia and the financial rewards far more lucrative than selling the odd bit of phone data to the News of the World.

    We have for many years been exposing and making aware to the unsuspecting public about the mobsters masquerading as the upholders of the law. But it is their manipulation of those laws that allows a multi-trillion pound scandal to carry on right under the noses of everyone who thinks phone hacking is the worst thing they get up to. They are ruthless murdering bastards that have driven many a good man to suicide through their vile agenda. That we have plenty of experience of as victims of these monsters who require to rot in hell for the enormous suffering they have caused to the victims of their evil scams.

  2. I have serious concerns about the actions of various police forces involved in the Hollie Greig case. However there is no evidence to suggest any connection to freemasonry.

  3. Just to shine a light on the hypocrisy of the press (and others).