Friday, July 22, 2011

Press Reporting Of Paedophilia

 In the aftermath of the closure of the News Of The World, it is worth remembering that they were the only newspaper to give any significant coverage of the Hollie Greig case. On April 19th 2009, James Mulholland wrote an article about the highly unusual payment of £13,500 to Hollie by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority when no-one had been charged with any crime.

 It appears very strange that there has been no further coverage in any national newspaper in spite of all the additional information which has emerged since then. I know for a fact that many, many journalists are very interested in the story and it can only be a matter of time before an editor summons up the courage to publish it.

 The News Of The World generally took a strong stance against paedophilia and campaigned for the introduction of "Sarah's Law" which allowed parents to know if sex offenders were living in their area.

 However, some journalists appear ambivalent to child abuse and a favourite tactic is to attempt to portray anti-paedophile activists as a braying mob of hysterical lunatics. For example, on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme on Wednesday 20th July, the Guardian journalist Simon Hoggart made the following extraordinary statement.

 "Hysteria ? That was what the News Of The World was all about. Do you remember their "Burn Out A Nonce" campaign ? Rebekah Wade was going to publish the names of every paedophile in the country. A lot of News Of The World readers went out and tried to burn out a paediatrician."

 The alleged "Burn Out A Nonce" campaign is a product of Mr Hoggart's febrile imagination and the paediatrician/paedophile story has been wildly exaggerated by those who wish to demonise anti-paedophile campaigners. The prosaic truth is that in August 2000 there was a single incident where a doctor had the word "Paedo" daubed on her front door.

 I trust that Mr Hoggart will be made to apologise for his deeply offensive lies and that the BBC will no longer give him air-time.


  1. It is people like Angeolini that are to blame for having such a low conviction rate. They have done everything in their power to stop the Hollie Greig case becoming public knowledge and if my memory serves me correct this is not the first time they have failed to act against paedophiles.

    I can recall another paedophile case where Angeolini and Sheriff Buchannan failed to bring a self confessed paedophile to court in time. Due to the time it took them to bring the case to court they could no longer prosecute the paedophile and he walked away free to molest other innocent children. When you combine what you know about that case with the Hollie Greig case you can easily see that these people are committed to keeping paedophiles safe but not their victims. It is a disgrace but they cannot hide forever.

    How they can look any child particularly their own children in the eye is beyond me. No one is above the law and it does not matter who you are or what you are. One thing is for certain, they are cornered and having to live with that must surely have impacted on them. Come the day when Hollie gets her day in Court and justice is served.

  2. Although this report pertains to the USA, I think it is also relevant in the UK.

    'Reporters admitted to ignoring stories they know are true if the stories harm the government and the establishment.'