Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Express Article

 Welcome to everyone who has discovered the Hollie Greig case via the article in today's Sunday Express. The newspaper must be congratulated for breaking the self-imposed media blackout.

 Ben Borland's article could only scratch the surface of this most complex and harrowing case. Indeed, it would probably have required the Sunday Express to devote an entire edition of the paper to the story in order to do it justice.

 Therefore I shall use today's blog to point out a further 5 key facts relating to the case. Please note that these are facts, as opposed to opinions or speculation.

1. The "investigation" by Grampian Police consisted of interviewing only two out of sixteen alleged paedophiles, on one occasion each. Persons named by Hollie as fellow-victims were not interviewed by the police.

2. Within a few weeks of the allegations being made, Grampian Police instigated the sectioning of Anne Greig, Hollie's mother. Anne has never had any mental health problems and shortly afterwards she obtained an independent psychiatric report which pronounced her perfectly sane.

3. I was arrested by plainclothes policemen in Aberdeen in February 2010, as I walked towards the city centre where I intended to distribute leaflets about the case. I was charged with Breach of the Peace although I have not yet stood trial. Bail conditions were imposed  which banned me from entering Aberdeenshire or from using the internet and required me to sign it at my local police station three times per week. I have been awarded Legal Aid to recruit a high calibre defence team headed by the distinguished QC, Frances McMenamin.

4. In June 2010, a malcontent called Greg Lance-Watkins, informed Shropshire Social Services, that Hollie, whom he had never met in his life, was a missing person. In spite of being advised by myself that Hollie was on a short break with her mother and was perfectly well, Police and Social Services broke into Anne and Hollie's home and remained inside for several hours causing considerable damage. Shortly afterwards, family photographs which were removed during the raid, appeared on Mr Watkins' hate-filled blog which is devoted to attempting to debunk Hollie's case and to verbally abusing her supporters.

5. In December 2009, Elish Angiolini, then Lord Advocate of Scotland, arranged for a letter to be sent by lawyers Levy and MacRae threatening to sue legal magazine "The Firm" for libel in relation to their reporting of the Hollie Greig case. The Crown Office has declined to answer a Freedom of Information request asking whether the legal bills were paid by Mrs Angiolini herself, or by the taxpayer.


  1. Did they look for Credible, Reliable or Admissible evidence?

    What if any investigations did the First Minister initiate?

    What if any investigations did Crown carry out?

  2. Robert, I have searched the Express website for the article but without success - have they excluded it from the online version?

    Keep up the good work.

  3. "self imposed media blackout"? Did Angiolini not issue a gag order via her lawyers Levy and Mcrae or was it subtle threats to media not to publish about the HG case? Which is the truth please...b.

  4. I am pleased to see that at least one national paper has covered this story. The facts speak for themselves and the whole story needs to be exposed in the public domain.

    This is a victory and the first step in the battle for justice for Hollie and her mother.

    Keep continuing to spread the word, Robert.


  5. For over year now I've had A2 size green stickers with 'GOOGLE HOLLIE GREIG' all around my vehicle and I'm very happy to say that, judging by the thumbs up I get at the lights and in traffic jams, more and more people seem to be aware of the case.

    Hopefully soon the whole country will realise the fact that there's a lot of "urgent cleaning up" to be done ...