Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kenny MacAskill And "Scottish Values"

 There was yet more embarrassment for "Justice" Secretary Kenny MacAskill this week when Abdelbasat al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, was filmed at a rally supporting Colonel Gadaffi in Libya.

 We are approaching the second anniversary of Megrahi's release from prison on "compassionate grounds" a decision which MacAskill described as upholding "Scottish values".

 At that time MacAskill indicated that Megrahi had no more than three months to live. No doubt he relied on the best available medical advice and he would claim that he is relying on the best available legal and police advice to justify the failure to investigate either the abuse allegations made by Hollie Greig, or the suspicious death of Roy Greig.

 The truth about the Lockerbie bombing may never be known but it is a fact that Megrahi's release on "compassionate grounds" co-incided with him dropping his appeal against his conviction. Many believe that an appeal trial would have shown that Megrahi was wrongly convicted and would have been a severe embarrassment for the Scottish justice system.

 To paraphrase the "Justice" Secretary: Hollie Greig and other victims of the Scottish justice system cannot be expected to forget, let alone forgive. Their pain runs deep and the wounds remain. However, Mr MacAskill may one day face a sentence imposed by a higher power.



  1. Just want to say keep up the great work Robert Green, exposing the scum for what they are

  2. Keep at it Robert, we are all behind you. Justice will prevail, they are NOT above the law.