Friday, July 1, 2011

The Word Is Spreading

  I am delighted to report that in the month of June the blog received a total of 7,368 hits - an increase of 35% on the previous highest total of 5,472 in April. This means that, on this blog alone, someone is reading about the Hollie Greig story once every six minutes

 Another method of bypassing the blackout by the mainstream media is to take to the streets and provide information to the people directly. The latest video shows a selection of clips of myself and others doing just this. We receive a universally positive response when we take this action, and the overwhelming reaction of people is to ask why this matter is not being reported on television or newspapers.

 The second half of the video shows myself and Stuart Usher discussing the various actions taken by the police including the raid on Anne and Hollie's house in Shrewsbury and my arrest in Aberdeen.


  1. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

    “He who laughs last laughs longest”

    You have upset them big time Robert. Not only have they betrayed Hollie, they have let down their own Families. If power and greed is their only incentive, they should never be parents, cos as with Hollie their offspring are at risk of abuse. Although sad to say they more than likely encourage it, and participate in it,

  2. Keep plugging away undetered Robert, that is what we are doing in Jersey :)

    And we are beginning to get results :)

    Lenny Harper - And The Brown Hits The Fan

  3. Perverts in High Places.

    I have run across a lot of links recently on the web highlighting the vile activities of organised paedophile rings with high placed cover. It seems that it there has been a widespread history of organised rings that engage in sexual (and ritual) abuse of children, child trafficking and murder. Then they use their connections and their positions of influence to prevent investigation or media coverage.

  4. There is a considerable amount of evidence to support the comments in the post by Eng65. My view is that we need to organise and set up a formal campaign to address these cases nationwide, even Europe wide.

    The problem at present is that the individuals who tackle these matters become targets and the financial costs of pursuing actions become prohibitive. The evil perverts and their protectors use these tactics to put people off.

    Unity is strength!