Thursday, November 17, 2011

Compare And Contrast

  Further to the article in the "Scottish Law Reporter", it has been pointed out to me that there is a marked contrast between the massive efforts made by the police and COPFS to prosecute me for Breach of the Peace and their failure to prosecute anyone in relation to the alleged sexual abuse of Hollie Greig by a paedophile ring.

 I would remind everyone that Hollie received a payment of £13,500 from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in spite of the fact that no-one was ever charged with any crime. I am well aware that the standard of proof required to justify a compensation payment is less than that to secure a criminal conviction, however, what can be established beyond reasonable doubt is that no investigation worthy of the name was carried out by Grampian Police following Hollie's allegations.

 The so-called "investigation" consisted of one interview each with two members of Hollie's family.

 The other alleged abusers were not interviewed due to the fact that their names did not appear on police records and the police could not establish any links between them.

 The other persons whom Hollie named as victims were not interviewed.

 To the best of my knowledge, no attempt was made to gather forensic evidence.

 There were no searches made of any of the properties where abuse was alleged to have taken place.

 No attempt was made to have Hollie questioned by a doctor or a psychiatrist.



  1. Very good point well made.

    My understanding was that the practice of witch-hunting ceased in Scotland way back in 1727.

    Odd too that you are not even a witch!

    I wonder when our 18th century legal apparatchik's will eventually see the light that the rest of us can see in the 21st century?

    Even the kangaroos are objecting to the guilt by association!


  2. I was paid criminal injuries compensation too, no police investigation, just persecution from police and CPS and courts like Robert has had. Talk about shoot the messenger, the victim is treated like a criminal and the perpetrators get off scott free, its a travesty of injustice rather than justice. There must be someone very big being protected at the highest levels and indeed evidence will prove it.

  3. Robert, Hollie and Anne, you are in my thoughts daily and included in my prayers, may those responsible for all the wrongs you have suffered and continue to suffer, face the roth of our creator and saviour, they have sold their very souls. God bless you all and protect you all, with love. xxx

    Its Yvonne.

  4. Regarding the statement that people werent questioned because the police say there were no "links" between those suspected of the crime{s} by this ridiculous criteria if you are, say, a seasoned bank robber, and you should unwittingly rob a bank whilst in the company of, say, someone who has been convicted of being drunk and disorderly a few times then as there is no discernable and obvious link between the 2 people {the robber + the drunk} does the drunk not get questioned even though he is named + shamed by a competeant witness {H Greig} and the case not get investigated? This reasoning is totally flawed and no responsible police force or officer would dream of saying or acting on such a ridiculous theory. And no reponsible officer would order a bed mattress to be taken from an abode if it is suspected there is DNA evidence on it which would tie someone to a crime of the nature we have here. How sickening that we - the public - have to pay these liars and cheats wages week in week out when it is so obvious a peoper investigation is needed by honest people.

  5. robert my wife we met you in stoke

    was apart of child abuse in care remember the sisters of nazzereth house in aberdeen and glasgow same problem we was shut up no compensation and the people involved let off scot free

    robert keep up the good work justice will be done as long as you stick with it god bless you hollie deserves justice

  6. It concerns me that, apart from the serious failures in relation to crimes commmitted against Hollie Greig that the Police have never investigated appropriately, she is unlikely she is the only one to have been a victim of these perpetrators. I doubt very much that she is an isolated case.

    This paedophile activity tends to be part of a group of sickos who are all involved in the abuse.

    It is probable that Hollie is one of a number of children who have been subjected to appalling crimes. What action have the Police taken to investigate the wider picture and paedophile group activity in relation to this?

    It is apparent that the Police would rather act to cover up the crimes and protect the perpetrators, than investigate to bring the people responsible to court. In so doing, they have targetted Robert as he poses a threat to their perversion of the course of justice.

    It is reminiscent of the child abuse in the North Wales care homes. This was covered up for decades. Those that tried to expose the horrendous acts of abuse lost their jobs. In the cases in North Wales, many of the perpetrators were prominent people, cabinet members, politicians, businessmen, and also in the Police. Is Hollie's case similar to these?

    The stench of Police malfeasance, Misconduct in Public Office and criminal cover up is overwhelming.


  7. Fascinating legal developments over the past few days with Lord Carloway's Review of Scotland's medieval(il) Justice System, which seeks to start to change the the legal unfairness, measured against all other decent society's Judicial Systems.

    Especially with reference to the unfairness with respect to corroboration of evidence, which is relevant in this case.

    Somewhat odd that Kenny McAskill's response to the proposed changes to corroboration was that, 'We did not want this...'.

    Who is the 'We'?

    Is this the bold Ken talking on behalf of the Scottish People again or just the Law Society of Scotland/Crown Office?

    The second revelation was regarding the Adrian Prout murder of his wife disclosure on the family farm.

    The relevance being that the police obtained the break-through evidence, after years of denial by the perpetrator of the crime, by lie-detector examination, which Mr Prout failed and then confessed-All.

    It would seem that this would afford the Crown a speedy remedy in this case, were they to substantiate the veracity of their witnesses by allowing them to take a lie-detector examination.

    Afterall, If they are all bona fide, they will enthusiastically welcome the offer to prove-it.

    This will also have the benefit of saving the tax-payer a fortune on a largely wasteful exercise in vindictiveness.