Monday, November 14, 2011

Day One In Court

 Twenty-one months after my arrest my trial has finally got underway at Stonehaven in front of Sheriff Principal Edward Bowen.

 After a morning of legal arguments my defence team served a witness citation during the lunch break on Stephen McGowan. As Mr McGowan is the Procurator Fiscal representing the Crown in this case, this citation may have put him in an awkward position and he asked for the case to be adjourned until tomorrow to allow him to consider his position.

 My team took this action as the documents produced by the Crown in evidence included correspondence between myself and Mr McGowan, dated before my arrest, relating to the decision by the Procurator Fiscal not to prosecute anyone in relation to the allegations of sexual abuse made by Hollie Greig.


  1. Oh dear, do you think Mr Stephen McGowan PF, will have trouble sleeping tonight! Interesting development.

  2. Sounds like your legal eagles played a blinder calling the ruddy PF! Sweet dreams McGowan! :D

  3. Robert green you have gone where no man has gone stick with it hollie needs justice sad scotlands legal system needs to wake up and stop the cover ups robert has evidence the public is behind him good luck in court robert residents of stonehaven help robert as he exposes real corruption in the scottish legal process he may be a englishman he knows his stuff

  4. More Power to you you are a brave man!

  5. Oh dear, An apparent Legal Precedent!

    It is probably not the only one and with this Worzel head on it's shoulders, I am certain it will not be the last one.

    Never has a Worzel case ever been more compared and contrasted to the thinnest slice of your favourite Swiss Cheese.

    As Sherlock himself may have put it, Emmental my dear Watson.

    'The PROOF is in the eating'


  6. Scottish Law dictates that any trial should begin within 12mths of the original charge is given or any court appearance.
    If the case does not begin within this time - The case is dropped!!
    The only cases that this does not apply to is eg Terrorist cases etc, but that would be after the PF had applied to have the case time extended. Im wondering if this was done?