Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day Two In Court

 I arrived early at court today for a meeting with my legal team and received some unexpected news. They advised me that, having looked at all the evidence, I should plead guilty. I then told them that I had no intention of changing my not guilty plea, which left them no alternative but to stand down. We left on good terms and I thank them for their efforts.

 In the courtroom, where the Crown was represented by Anne Currie, the Sheriff adjourned the trial until Monday 21st November to allow me the opportunity to assemble a new legal team.


  1. Oh shit... Let's hope you can assemble a new team in time for the 21st.

  2. Keep at em Robert....

    "When Darkness Falls
    It is often the Humble Candles
    That become the mighty

  3. Hmmm, did your legal team not review 'all the evidence' prior to the trial commencing? Regards,

  4. Of course they did Rusty! I cannot imagine what is going through Robert's head.
    @Ian Evans, that is a beautiful quote.


  6. Thanks Sarah

    I got hundreds of em :)

  7. Imagine...The Formula One racecars jockey for position on qualifying day to see who will qualify on 'pole position' for the start of the race the next day.

    The race cars are kept locked away by the race stewards in 'Parc Ferme' overnight in preparation for the race proper the next day.

    Imaging now that the Formula one car that qualified on 'pole position' at the front of the field, when the driver went to collect it from 'Parc Ferme' from the race stewards, he found that the car had no wheels, no steering wheel, and he had no racing helmet.

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    Those in the know say that the Formula One Governing Rules are akin to hitting a moving target and that as they change so often tend to be interpreted to a widely different effect to suit the circumstance of the party's will.

    Anne C. Dote

  8. Robert,
    I refer you back to the comments I made on June 6th when Donald Findlay was replaced with Frances McMenamin QC.

    Is it possible for you to post exactly why your 'excellent legal team' have dropped the case?

  9. Well, well, so the 'long and winding road' of the defence of 'freedom of the press' has led Robert Green up, and dropped him off, at a dead end...

    Well at least we have been spared the sight of these lawyer b******s spending the next few years riding some sort of legal gravy train round the Highlands, whilst Robert Green and Hollie Greig are hung out to dry in some sort of 'limbo of justice.'

    Look, it's painfully simple Robert: even though you are dealing with the Scottish justice system here -- it is NOT a crime in Scotland, or any other bloody place, to make a statement about a person, or persons in public...as long as that statement is true.

    If you want to win this case, you MUST prove in court that any statements you have made about certain persons are true.

    And to do this, you MUST call Hollie Greig AND any other witnesses to testify in court. It IS most certainly the time, and it IS most certainly the place.

    For the love of God, get stuck in there Man! And good luck!

  10. No chance of certain powers that be whispering in McMenamins ear ?

    No, that would never happen would it.

    Whatever happens from here on, Robert and his team are holding the high moral ground.

    Rock on !

  11. So they got to your legal team, reminds me of when my solicitor rolled over and used the fact that my mother was dying to get me to change my plea so that the crown prosecution witnesses would be saved from having to go before a jury.

    My pathetic solicitior told me I would be found guilty and to think of my mother if I was sent to prison. Like I said my mother was dying of bowel cancer and wasn't even aware that I had been charged or was up before the courts, as I and the rest of the family didn't want to upset her as she had enough on her plate dealing with her terminal illness. I did change my plea as I was, as one can imagine feeling very vulnerable and upset about my mother. My mother died not long after I changed my plea.

    All this just for a alleged breach of a restraining order imposed on me because of the lies of the crown prosecution witnesses and their connections to the local council.

  12. Glad you didnt fall for that old one Robert. Sounds like theyed been got at.

  13. The legal team were probabley threatened with expulsion from the legal aid system, their 'bread and butter' income. Does Robert have a cousin called Vinny I wonder?

  14. Derek Ogg is a well respected Solicitor who I am sure would not refuse this case.

  15. Robert, I am very sorry to hear of this turn of events. It sounds to me as if "they" have got some sort of hold over your legal team. This must have been quite something to warn them off as it has.

    My commiserations and I hope you succeed in finding a professional who will succeed in defending you.

    I know you dislike me mentioning "The Brothers" but this part of Scotland is one where they wield great influence. Aberdeen also seems to be a stronghold of The Common Purpose from details on a website dedicated to exposing them.

    Per ardua ad astra.


  16. http://www.thefingerprintinquiryscotland.org.uk/inquiry/files/DB_0745.pdf


  17. http://scottishlaw.blogspot.com/2011/11/12-million-breach-of-peace-charge-13.html

  18. Informative report on the scottishlaw blog. The games they play. Surely the justice should take control over the court and put a stop to the utter disrespect the prosecution has shown towards the authority of the court. Contempt of court at least, perverting the course of justice another. Justice Bowen is being made a fool of. Another person who is being sucked into their rotten game of lets-protect-the-vile-child-abusers-at-all-costs, who is made to look like a useful idiot. This is how it looks to me and its shameful in the extreme.

  19. Robert's Lawyer is going to try to find a replacement Lawyer to take his instructions, then that new Lawyer will have to then contact a Senior Counsel and Junior Counsel to read all of the defence folders of information before deciding whether they will take the case on or not. It is simply not protocol or desireable or indeed lawful under the data protection act to ask multiple QC's to consider the case files concurrently.

    Each QC Senior and Junior that the new Lawyer (Once he has been appointed) will require to give due diligence to their consideration of the case as their professional rules require.

    An observor therefore may have thought that the 30 days requested to find a completely new legal team was somewhat optomistic, considering the complexity and moreso the repercussions of this case.

    Odd then that Sheriff Bowen gave Robert Green 3 days to find a new lawyer, The new lawyer then has to read all of the case files and send his acceptance to act. Then Robert has to give the new lawyer instructions.

    The new lawyer then has to find replacement Senior Counsel and Junior Counsel, then offer the case files to each of them in turn to allow them to take a view, then they would necessarily have to meet with the new lawyer and robert to discuss strategy and a way forward, prior to any court hearing.

    Ergo, the chances of Robert Green being able to be represented by anyone in Court on Monday 21st November have been compromised by the sheriff's decision, which places him at a legal disadvantage.

    It may also be the case, that if there are diets held where Robert Green is unrepresented that this in itself may be justification for prospective Senior & Junior Counsel to refuse to take up the case.

    The world is watching this case and already the smell is bad.

    I wonder what would happen if Robert's current lawyer (who is standing down) wrote to every Scottish lawyer in Scotland outlining the case to them and what has occurred so far, asking if they would take Robert's instructions.

    What if not one accepted (was allowed to accept) the case?

    Robert cannot instruct Counsel. Only a lawyer can instruct counsel.

    What if Robert does get a new lawyer but they cannot find a single Scottish Advocate to accept (or was allowed to accept) the case?


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  21. robert the legal team are probaly been pressured like the rest of those liars in scotland i know scots law i lost my kids to care liars i had my wife abused in care and raped as a adult the police the solicitors the procurator fiscals office all cover up the people who done wrong good luck with a new legal team if i had the cash i would send you experts in from the best barristers in scotland