Friday, November 11, 2011

Disorderly ?

 The Crown Office, represented by Anne Currie, have claimed, inter alia, that I conducted myself in a disorderly manner at various locations in Edinburgh. I believe she is referring to August 21st 2010 when I handed out leaflets in Scotland's capital. You can watch this video and decide for yourself whether or not I am conducting myself in a disorderly manner.


  1. Revealed: how a leading charity let a paedophile rent a home amid Scotland's most vulnerable children

    Investigation by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 10/11/02

    Quarriers, which provides residential care for the most profoundly disabled children in the country, has admitted that it has knowingly allowed paedophiles and suspected child-molesters to live alongside children it is supposed to care for - and that one man accused of such offences is still there

  2. Scandal of Kerelaw: 40 staff abused youngsters

    By David Leask, Glasgow Herald 14th June 2007

    FORTY care workers preyed either sexually or physically on Scottish children in what is one of Britain's biggest abuse scandals, a report will reveal today.

    A three-year investigation has found “a significant core of staff” at Kerelaw residential unit in Ayrshire were directly involved. They preyed on some of the most troubled and troubling youngsters in the country, sometimes in the full knowledge of colleagues and superiors amid “a culture of fear and collusion”.

    Glasgow City Council, which ran Kerelaw, will today publish its first full report on what happened at the school. It will also issue a chilling warning that some of the workers it believes were involved are still working in Scotland's care sector.

  3. Unmasked: The sickening suburban paedophile ring

    heraldscotland staff

    8 May 2009

    Eight men who hid behind middle-class respectability to operate Scotlands largest-known paedophile ring were last night facing lengthy jail sentences.


    Eight men who hid behind middle-class respectability to operate Scotland's largest-known paedophile ring were last night facing lengthy jail sentences after police successfully exposed a highly complex network of child abuse and pornography.

    Lothian and Borders Police said after the nine-week trial at the High Court in Edinburgh that information on 70 more individuals with suspected links to the paedophile ring had been passed to other forces throughout the UK as a result of its Operation Algebra.

    Ringleaders Neil Strachan, 41, and James Rennie, 38, both of Edinburgh, were found guilty yesterday of abusing young boys and distributing images and video of their depraved acts and now face a possible life prison sentence.

  4. Robert, apologies for so many posts, last one - to wish you well on Monday and through-out the the trial. Hopefully, one day in the near future, Hollies abusers will be charged and brought to court.

    Take good care.

  5. Best of luck Robert! Don't let them get to you and Hollie! It is redicolous that people standing up for justice should have to face this trial.. Shame on Scotland...

    If they had somekind of conscience they would save the country for waste of time and money and withdraw the case..


    All I see here is a man carrying out his civic duty, in the public interest to protect society as a whole, instead of protection of a minority.

    Robert Green is a PEOPLES CHAMPION


  7. Cases such as Robert Green's cause concern because it seems plainly obvious that the system is deliberately concealing the truth about abuse of children, and that this is a deliberate policy.

    (R)evolution - is simply keeping peaceful evolution in mind.