Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Sincere "Thank You" from Robert

I would like to register my deep appreciation to all those who travelled to Stonehaven to support me during the recent court hearings. I regard you as true, brave and compassionate patriots who are a real credit to Scotland.

Thank you also to those who travelled all the way from England.

It was a wonderful gesture by all of you and gave me great comfort by your presence.

Thank you so much.


  1. Jersey Blogger Rico Sorda gives an interview to VoiceforChildren concerning the Jersey Child Abuse Cover- up.


    Good luck on your fight for justice

  2. Robert.

    Good luck with your fight. As you know we are exposing the Jersey Child Abuse cover up with the State Media being one of the biggest PROBLEMS

  3. Hang in there Robert,the continued stalling and utter refusal thus-far to do any proper investigating into Hollies case is a blatant admission as to how deep the knowledge and scale of pedophilia and child abuse in general is ingrained within the so called elite.I have contacted both Alex Salmond and David Cameron so far and both letters have fallen on deaf ears with no reply,but I shall keep on pushing as many people out there are for this case and many other sickening cases of abuse out are not alone Robert and in the end justice will be served,take care,gary

  4. Hi Rob, THANK YOU for your courage, and that of our two precious Ladies :)

    Hope you and your followers can help Stuart Syvret by signing & sharing our E-PETITION to the UK Government.

    We are all thinking about you guys here in Corrupt Jersey, best wishes....

    Kindest regards

    Ian & the Team

  5. The mind is a powerful tool. Even though many of us were unable to attend the court, our thoughts would have been with you. The only outcome of positive thoughts of support for your cause can be success.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and everyone. (I like to get in early!)