Friday, November 25, 2011

House of Commons

On Wednesday, 30th November, I am due to address Members of Parliament at a meeting in the House of Commons on the Hollie Greig case, which is an indication of how widely the case is being followed and at a high level.

Meanwhile there is an article in the Scottish Law Reporter suggesting bias against me by the Crown Office after the successful exposure of Elish Angiolini.


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  2. If the link does not work, then try this one.

  3. Sock it to them, Robert.

    Bear in mind that many politicians, MPS etc have been implicated in paedophile activities themselves. Operation Ore revealed the names of politicians, MPs and cabinet members, some of whom were accessing the most serious kinds of material. How many of these were prosecuted? Answer: none.


  4. Being in high office does seem to award the holder a high degree of protection from prosecution from the serious crimes they commit. Its one thing to steal public money, but using and abusing innocent children to satisfy their sick perversions is the lowest of the low. They must take responibility for their reprehensible behaviour. For all we know they could still be abusing children and they need to be stopped.

  5. It would seem to be clear to any normal thinking person, informed about this case that good Tax Payer money has been gambled on a personal vendetta or at least a select few are using the public's money as their own 'fighting-fund' to make something they thought they had dealt with disappear.

    There seems to be no prospect whatever of the Crown continuing from this point forward, due to the necessity of senior members of the Crown Office being called to testify and the risk of them having to tell the truth.

    I think that the Crown Office officials are not bothered about the public money wasted in this case.

    They will be bothered however, if they are sued for damages for what could amount to an even bigger sum of money.

    The question then would be, do the individuals responsible pay up, or the Tax Payer again?

    Or they could forge on to get the verdict they want and then hold their breath....

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