Friday, January 6, 2012

Angiolini As Witness

Today, I met my legal team again in Glasgow to discuss the forhcoming trial and the witnesses required for the defence.

I had made it clear that Elish Angiolini is probably the most important witness for the defence and must be called. However, after deliberations, Senior Counsel Gary Allen QC felt that Angiolini`s appearance in the witness box would prove damaging to the defence, on the grounds that she would refuse to answer questions that may incriminate her and in that, her position would be supported by the sheriff.

I stated that whilst I had never held any great expectation of Angiolini breaking down under cross-examination and confessing, I considered it valuable both to the defence and in the public interest for her to be seen in court, failing to answer pertinent questions about her conduct in public office in connection with both my case and that of Hollie. It has been her failings and private interventions with the media, using public funds, that led to me taking the course that has resulted in the prosecution that she in fact personally authorised.

Thus I regard her as a key witness. I also failed to see how Angiolini being cross-examined could possibly harm the defence.

As a result of our difference of opinion, we have mutually agreed that I would be best served by instructing another Senior Counsel to represent me. I accept that Mr Allen and Junior Counsel, who supported his view, were acting professionally in what they deemed to be my best interests and there is hence no ill will of any kind. It is just that an impasse was reached on a single important issue that could not be resolved.

My solicitor will try to find a new team to represent me in the future, but it must be on the fundamental basis that Elish Angiolini is called as witness for the defence. I will not accept any deviation from that position.

It appears obvious that given the complexity of the case, it would be unrealistic for the trial to still go ahead on 16th January, as it would take a new team, even if it were to be assembled quickly, a considerable amount of time to examine the vast amount of documentation and to have the appropriate consultations, but I must await advice from my solicitor on that point.

I am anxious to emphasise that no criticism should be made about Counsels` decision today. It was a honest but irrevocable divergence of view.


  1. I, for one would ask that Elish Angiolini, is arrested for misconduct in public office. Indeed, there is enough evidence to support this.

    The above is a very serious Indictable offence and should not be overlooked or ignored.

    They don't get it, they are accountable.

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    without understanding what is happening in the court system you cannot win, you cannot get justice and you will not hold them accountable.

    go the links above and learn what is going on....

  5. the fundamental principles of law are the ten commandments. The use of this words relates to the god concept created my man.

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    5 fundamental points which always must be acknowledged are;

    1. consent
    2. oath of office, at the moment in time of action.
    3. penalty of perjury for liars, always only conditionally accept their words under the penalty of perjury and full commercial liability.
    4. breach of trust, trust in under god. Breach of trust destroys individuals and entire nations and countries.
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  6. Well done for holding out Robert. Imho theres absolutely no way Mackaskill, Salmond, Buchanen and all the rest of this pack would want Angiolini in that dock under oath, even if she did choose to remain silent when asked perfectly simple questions. She is responsible for so much pain inflicted on so many people when she should have been protecting them, and not raking in the over-the-top salary and life of privelege shes been rewarded with as a result. It is disgraceful hows shes getting away with what she is very much responsible for and the sooner she is made to pay for the crimes shes committed and put behind bars the better. She has fed off honest citizens hard earnt tax money for far too long like the rest of her criminal friends. It is an outrage.

  7. Robert again dont give up we need to expose this child abuse by public figures hoping to meet you in edinburgh on march 6th for sams world of peace event andy

  8. Dear Robert

    Good to see you are remaining implacable in fighting for truth and justice. You're absolutely correct that it is a plain public interest matter to get Angiolini on the witness stand.

    I've just been released from prison in Jersey after two months, for supposedly breaking the data protection law and contempt of court. The actions taken against me were a politicised malicious prosecution conducted by Jersey's oligarchy.

    I tried - throughout the various court stages - to subpoena as witnesses the relevant Jersey officials. The judges - friends of the people who's failings and malfeasance I had exposed - would not even let me call the witnesses at all. So look on the bright side - at least you can get some of these people on the witness stand. It could be worse - you could be facing a Jersey-type situation - where the court refuses to call the key decision-maker - because that person e-mailed the summons issuing authority, and told them not to summon him, because he didn't think it would be a good idea.

    For all that Britain imagines itself to be a model of law-abiding democracy - the unspoken truth - which is all the more remarkable for the deferential silence exhibited by the UK's mainstream media - is that some elements of British judiciary are politicised and corrupted.

    How come the people of, say, Egypt are allowed to speak that truth about their judiciary, and are praised for it by institutions such as the BBC - but casting a searching, critical eye over the conduct of the British judiciary in politically sensitive cases remains taboo?

    Whisper it low - the British judiciary is not above supporting political repression.

    Good luck Robert.


  9. I am still praying for you Robert, and I am also praying for Elish Angiolini. I am praying that after she makes her court vow to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth that God blesses her so that she can only do just that. Keep the faith xx

  10. We will all be judged by the Good Lord.

  11. This is all getting a bit silly, and I should imagine very expensive for the tax payer. After the last debacle with your 'excellent' defence team, we now have another debacle. Surely these matters should have been discussed with them before they agreed to take on the case. Why not give Joe Pesci a call, his last court performance was very successful.

    It would appear that the legal profession in Scotland are scared stiff of the system, so you'll probabley end up representing yourself.

  12. I agree in part John, and his referenced to 'my legal team' is misleading as it is the tax payers legal team.

    I don't see the point in employing a 'legal team' if -and not for the first time- he isn't going to take their advice.!! If he know best then he should just get on with it himself, instead of wasting the time and money of others. Something tells me that if he were paying the legal bills himself then the stalling tactics would not be utilised.

  13. I have followed the cases of child abuse on Jersey as well as that of Hollie Greig. There appears to be strong parallels in the way those who have sought justice have been treated (or more accurately mistreated) by the corrupt and pestilent people in the estabilshments in both places.

    It seems that both involve establishments whose members either engage in horrific child abuse, or are content to allow it to happen without censure. Sick socieities which have existed for very many years. We need to change things.


  14. Hello Robert,it seems once again that Elish A ngiolini has once again been allowed to position her self above the laws she swore to represent and defend.Herself,Alex Salmond and all the rest involved are in for one mighty fall.As I wrote and told Mr Salmond this WILL NOT go away and the whole web of deceit surrounding the abuse of our children WILL be exposed."The arc of the moral universe is a long one but it bends towards justice"

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  16. Stick to your guns Robert. Angiolini must be brought to court to answer the many questions on why she failed to carry out her duty to prosecute these wrongdoers and who she was protecting.

  17. Hmmm, criticism of counsel besides, Robert, I've come across some odd delaying tactics in Third World Asian, African and South American courts but this is getting to be a pantomime. Every defence legal team seems 'okay to go' then comes up with some obstructive point or other.
    To quote Shakespeare "Something stinks in Denmark" - albeit the smell's probably coming from Holyrood and the COPFS offices.
    There is no reason Angoilini cannot be called - or subpoenaed - and whatever her responses in the witness box they'll be condemning - even if she stay schtum. Subpoena her and maintain your stance of Not Guilty and call every sod and their dog as a witness.
    This Breach of the Peace prosecution (read 'persecution') fiasco is eventually going to get bounced - due a combination of potentially very embarassing witnesses joining the evidence queue - plus the widening public interest factor - and the overall costs of the case surpassing Scotland's GNP.
    If this 'Groundhog Day' case goes on any longer at least it will be come eligible for an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.
    Keep the faith.

  18. Perhaps this case should be submitted to the Guinness Book of World Records.

  19. Yep, perhaps Eng65 has a point - on several counts. For a simple Breach of the Peace case -committed in broad daylight by one person - in which no violent action occured, no-one suffered physical injury and no property was damaged. Yet here we are looking at a case going on for 23 months and still no nearer conclusion. Costs have gone through the proverbial roof already and every time the witness list (prosecution and defence) gets read out it's total has taken a quantum leap - 90-odd at the last count.
    I believe Robert was advised in November that the case was estimated to last for two weeks as there would be no jury to waste time contemplating the complexities of the case.
    Anyone up to running a book against that - more like two months if the COPFS ever get their act together.

  20. So, David Cameron et al, want the Scots to have a quickie referendum, which could divorce the Scots from the Supreme Court. What a bunch of NIMBYs.

  21. I don't understand why people who are not involved in the paedophile ring are covering up for them. I cant understand why they dont just dob them in. It might seem scary, but theres only only a few of them compared to all the ones who detest child abuse.