Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Daily Mail and Stephen Lawrence

Today, some justice was finally done by the conviction of two of the murderers of Stephen Lawrence, after eighteen years of gallant effort by the poor young man`s parents and others.

The Daily Mail has been congratulated for publishing an article, some years ago, after the police had discontinued the initial investigation due to "insufficient evidence"- where have we heard that before?

The Mail decided to go ahead and name the five men it believed to have killed Stephen on the basis that it was in the public interest, that the police`s investigation was unsatisfactory and that given the nature of the crime, the public remained at risk from the perpetrators. The Daily Mail went on to invite anyone who thought the article inaccurate to take action against it. No one did.

This is precisely the position that I have always taken in the cases of Hollie Greig and Robert Greig, yet I am being prosecuted.

Let us hope that it does not take as long as eighteen years for these terrible crimes to be fully investigated.


  1. Paul Dacre acted with great integrity and courage over the Stephen Lawrence case. So glad the Lawrences have at last seen two of their son's murderers jailed.


    You may have heard of the above man and maybe how the

    Scottish MAFIA dealt with him.


    Similarities to Anne's sectioning. This is what they do when

    someone gets to close.

  3. Well, we will all just have to continue to support Hollie Anne and Robert as best we can, and also continue to pray for God to protect them as well.