Friday, January 13, 2012

Angiolini Cited!

It`s official, Elish Angiolini has been cited to appear for the defence!

The trial is going ahead on Monday and is expected to last for two weeks.

Thank you all for the wonderful support you have provided to Hollie and Anne and to me. It is very much appreciated and let us hope that it is not too long before these horrifying crimes are investigated fully. It has also been very moving that so many have told me that I am in their thoughts and prayers in regard to the oncoming event in Stonehaven.

All I have ever asked, apart from the removal from office of Angiolini, which has been achieved, is for a full, independent and public inquiry into why only two people named by Hollie were ever questioned, despite her competence, clarity and sincerity, why were no computers were examined, why supporting medical evidence was withheld and for a full investigation as to who was responsible for the murder of Robert David Greig, and a brutal murder it most surely was, which also involved the unlawful withholding of the revealing contents of the autopsy for twelve years to Anne Greig, his next-of-kin.

Had such an inquiry been pursued, I would have been content to keep quiet and let the lawful procedures take their course.

No one expects people to be condemned without a fair trial, should it come to that, but I have named those responsible,as the Daily Mail did over Stephen Lawrence`s killers, mainly because no adequate police investigation could have possibly taken place and by the very nature of their alleged crimes, those named were likely to constitute an ongoing threat to public safety.

It is a great shame that the good people of Scotland have been so cruelly let down by those in the Grampian Police and Crown Office, plus senior politicians, whose duty it is to protect its citizens, especially Hollie and the other children.

One hopes that a new start will begin in Scotland, where those in senior public office seem to be granted immunity from prosecution, due to their influence and connections, Elish Angiolini being an obvious candidate.

In the meantime, the trial must be dealt with. Interesting days lie ahead.


  1. Hello Robert,this is great news with any luck she will have the courage to speak the truth.As I said before this will come to the fore,it is unavoidable.The corruption and abuse of all things ,both human and of system, that lies beneath the veneers of our justice system and the government it supports and colludes with is soon to look itself in the face.I hope to be there to support you in person on Monday,have faith and stay strong Robert.

  2. The World Is Watching :)

    Word V "scotishti" :)

  3. Praise the Lord, wonderful news!

  4. You’re a legend Robert, a true unsung hero crusader of truth and justice.

  5. Excellent News! Onwards and Upwards Robert! All the best. Jimmy :)

  6. Prayers are always answered, just some take longer. God Bless Robert, a wonderful breakthrough. <3

  7. What offer of help has Matt Quinn ever offered to Robert Green? Another one of in "In spirit brigade"

  8. Are you talking about the Matt Quinn who contributes to the Wall Street Journal?

  9. Matt Quinn is a goverment agent working with Greg Lance-Watkins, Tom George, Mark Daly and Anna Raccoon.

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