Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Latest Information

I hope to have a new Senior and Junior Counsel available to represent me next week. It does appear that despite the new arrivals, the trial is likely to begin on Monday or Tuesday.

I would like to thank again all the many well-wishers who have so kindly offered their support and especially to those of you who are intending to make the long and difficult journey to Stonehaven, as has occurred on other occasions and which I appreciate so much.

Many have commented on a recent blog, where I mentioned Hollie`s interview with Grampian Police`s DS Lisa Evans on 8th September 2009, at which I was present. I would just remind everyone that Hollie gave her information very consistently with everything she has said previously, naming details of her abuse, specific individuals, other victims and locations. Of course, by this time, it had already been established that the state had accepted that Hollie had been a victim of sexual abuse by paying her £13,500 from public funds by the CICA, based on detailed analyses of Dr Jack Boyle and Dr Eva Harding, the latter naming unconditionally Hollie`s father and brother as serial abusers of Hollie. Dr Harding also mentioned one of her female abusers, a cousin of Hollie`s father who has been named by the prosecution in my case. Why was she not questioned in September 2009 and her computer examined?

Naturally, the CICA payment is based on a lower threshold of the balance of probabilities than in a criminal trial, but Dr Harding went on to say that apart from her father and brother, Hollie had "probably been abused by others who had access to her" . Given that Hollie had been accepted by the police as a competent and truthful witness, one might have reasonably expected Grampian Police to question all those named and follow normal police procedures in child sexual abuse allegations by examining the computers of all the alleged perpetrators. We now know that Grampian Police did no such thing, making absolutely no effort to carry out any meaningful investigation after Hollie`s incredible courage and clarity in reliving her ordeals before DS Evans.

In January 2010 certain individuals claimed to have been upset by warning leaflets I had sent out, with the motive of alerting people in Aberdeen of the persistent failure of Grampian Police and others to protect vulnerable citizens from a group who clearly needed to be thoroughly investigated. Immediately Grampian Police went out of its way to interview no fewer than 61 people, some of whom didn`t even want to complaint, according to their sworn statements. One of those responsible for seizing my computer whilst I was held in custody in February 2010 was the same DS Lisa Evans.

I have been asked how anyone can offer tangible help to me at the moment, as there can be little doubt that the Crown Office has consistently behaved towards me with a bias that would clearly appear to contradict Artcle 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights, that requires defendants to be treated fairly.

The most practical way would be to write to your MP, asking them to ask the Secretary of State for Scotland, Mr Michael Moore to examine this issue. Far, far more important than anything that may happen to me, is to press Mr Moore, through your MP, to call for inquiries into the failures to conduct adequate investigations by Grampian Police into Hollie`s allegations and to establish the true facts behind the brutal death of Robert David Greig.

Previously, we have seen how the Metropolitan Police failed to investigate the death of Stephen Lawrence and Grampian Police`s failure to do so in the case of Mrs Claire Webster, which has uncanny similarities to Robert Greig`s death and actually includes some of same personnel.


  1. You are going to go to jail unless you tell the judge that misbehavure in public office is a common law offence and this is information which was given to us by someone who knows all about the courts and I know it is your only hope
    Dont listen to anyone else because they are working for BBC and M15

  2. Well I am not working for the BBC or M15 Carol, and I don't think it's yours or my or anyone else to tell Robert how to conduct his defence in this ridiculous and malicious court case.

    We all know it's malicious and ridiculous, but Robert needs to be the one who decides how to proceed. Let's help Robert in every way which he has asked us to, rather than potentially hindering him by telling him what to do. He's asked us to write to our MPs and Michael Moore, to complain about Grampian Police's conduct, so lets all do that.

    I am also continuing to pray about this and hope others will do as well. If everyone could go to their local church - even if you are not a member - and go to the intercession time at the end of the service, and ask people to pray with you about this, I think that would be a good idea. Not only would God hear your prayer but other people would as well, because the way things are right now they are certainly not going to hear about how Hollie was abused on the BBC News or in the national press!

  3. What happens to you if none of the allegations prove to be true? I'm intrigued as to why mark daly pulled out of the documentary. To the point that I have emailed him and asked him directly. He says he has examined the evidence and concluded that there is insufficient evidence.

  4. As I have asked previously, do you have a warrant number for DS Lisa Evans? Considering her close involvement with the case, I believe it would be in everyones interest to know as much about her public duties as possible. This is dated around 2005, and all I could find for the name.

  5. It seems to me that Grampian Police would do better concentrating less on homophobic/transphobic crimes and more on crimes against the most vulnerable people in society - all our children and disabled people.

  6. I have just found this form. I am appalled about what is not on that form. There is no question about wether anyone is unhappy about suffering any other hate crimes, it just focusses on homophobic crime. Why is that? The impression this form gives to me is that Grampian Police are only interested in crimes committed against one particular group of people.!OpenDocument&ei=_yMOT7faCsXA8QOb-LWfBg&usg=AFQjCNE6ykg-ti2BLS1F8n0VYBChHFkvdA&sig2=ME8Pv7IiVcqHTKddpeL1sA

    This form reminds me of a similar singling out of homophobic crimes in Staffordshire. As you can see, Scotland was involved.

    This is the same police force who have denied me and so many other victims of Pindown justice. I am still being targetted for hate crimes, but as I am not gay but merely a victim of institutional child abuse I have no chance of getting the police to address it.

    It's a shame, because I know most of the police are probably really good people who really want to just do their job of fighting crime and making the county safe for everyone. You don't need many bad ones in the barrel to turn the whole lot sour.

  7. I am transgender and victim of hate crime. Everybody hates me.

  8. I am a survivor of the Staffordshire Pindown child abuse, and I also have Asperger Syndrome, which means that I can be very obsessive about things, ie stopping child abuse, and writing to MPs. I have sent thousands of letters to MPs newspapers and organisations about child abuse, and have been called a "broken record" because of my obsession about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager. Also, I have been called a lot of really very nasty names ie "nutter", "Fruitcake", Zoomfreak" and many names which involve the F word and the C word which I don't think Robert would like me to post onto his blog. Some people get very angry with me because of me being a Christian, I don't know why, although if it is because of the paedophile priests I suppose they have a point, but I dont feel welcome in any church either, I actually had one vicar trying to stop me praying for victims of child abuse and people who were getting persecuted for exposing child abuse, such as Stuart Syvret, and a warden on another church set the police on me for praying outside another church for the victims of child abuse, in both cases I wasn't being a pest, I wasnt shouting or anything, or doing anything bad or disrutive or making any upsetting scene that might upset other people or children or anyone, I was just praying very quietly to God.

    It isn't very easy to know what to do when people hate you for just trying to stop other people getting abused or praying or vanything like that. The only thing I can think of doing now is praying about it and keep trying to tell other people what has happened, I don't really know what else to do now as I seem to have done everything that I can possibly do. People who have got a disability seem to be at the end of the queue as far as anyone actually listening to them is concerned, probably bnecause people assume that they are just nutters. I know that I am not actually a nutter, but I don't know how to get other people to believe that, and I can't change my faith because if you believe in God how can you just stop believing? Its not something you can do, so its a vicious circle.

    I don't think it is a good idea to just say "everybody hates me" though, because how can you just assume that everybody hates you when there are so many billions of people, most of who dont even know who you are? Hitler might have said something like that, because most people in the world know who he is, and so they can make some sort of judgement, but they dont know who you are. There are a lot of people in the Terence Higgens Trust who certainly dont hate you and they would give you a lot of support, so if you are getting bullied for being transgender you should go to them for some help.

    Hollie Greig doesnt seem to have such a good network of people to support her, because the ones who ought to have supported her have let her down, it sounds like they were too scared to support her, so she has had to rely on people like Robert Green and other kind hearted people who dont have lots of Government money or resources to pay for lawyers and spokespeople ect. People with Downs Syndrome, Aspergers and other types of Autism and learning disabilities ect don't have anything as good and powerful as the Terence Higgins Trust, if they had that bill which was slipped through Parliament yesterday might have had much more media publicity.

  9. Robert, I have Asperger Syndrome and get obsessive, so am unable sometimes to know if I am being a pest, so please can you tell me if I am posting too many things on your blog, thanks.

  10. Carol, I hope you don't think I am being nosy, but I wondered why you are using a photo of Betty Martini as your avator?

  11. I would also as 'Ms' Sims why her name is so phonetically similar to a certain other individual known for their interest in Ms Greig's case...

    Hijacked by conspiracy theorists her case may be - it remains fairly certain though that the child Hollie, as she was, suffered at the hands of at least two, and possibly many more filthy perverts...

    - that Ms Sims appears to make light of this really says much about 'her'. - Probably all we need to know in fact.

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