Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Death of Robert David Greig

I am aware that the Scottish establishment would like nothing more than to remove me from public life and it should not be forgotten that Alex Salmond is personally implicated in the Hollie Greig case, having first lied about a letter sent from his office to Anne and then having the FOI Commissioner ruling that Salmond and his ministers had failed to comply with the regulations in Hollie`s case. It is signiicant that whilst brave English MPs like Andrew George and David Ruffley have tried to stand up for Scottish children, Salmond has remained silent. Perhaps he is more interested in protecting his cronies in the North East than Aberdeen children being raped and tortured.

Consequently, it is difficult to know how much longer I shall be able to post my blog, given the oncoming trial and its likely outcome. However, before I go, I must address in detail the circumstances surrounding what I believe to be the brutal murder of Hollie`s, Robert David Greig, just six days before the 18th birthday party he had arranged for his beloved little niece. The disgraceful and shameless cover up of his murder by the Scottish establishment is almost beyond belief.

Robert, or Roy as he was always known, was 53 when he died on the night of 17th November 1997 in a burning stationary parked car on a remote and little-used lane that runs parallel to the A90, north of Aberdeen. It was separated from the main road by high banking and a row of trees. The night was a particularly wild one with high wind and driving rain.

Roy had no known worries of any consequence at all, no mental problems and was looking forward to Hollie`s special birthday.

The emergency services were called  by Sylvester Cadger, who claimed to have seen flames above the trees whilst driving along the A90. The height of the flames would indicate that the car was already an inferno, but Mr Cadger, who still had to drive some distance to reach the scene from the A90, only suffered minor burns when he claimed to attempt to pull Roy clear. The emergency services arrived at 21.59 and Roy was taken to hospital and pronounced dead. By 01.27 hrs on the 18th November, according to the records, it had already been decided that Roy had committed suicide.

This is very curious, to say the least, as very few people take their own lives by fire, it is just too painful. When a death occurs by fire, it is normally due to accident or foul play. In fact, I have a letter from Grampian Police stating that only one death has occurred in this way in the past ten years. Subsequent enquiries have discovered that the NHS have no record whatsoever of any authority requesting Roy`s medical details, essential in assessing the state of mind before suicide can be decided on.

No mention of suicide was made to his next-of-kin, Anne Greig, nor was she ever questioned about any concerns her brother had, and she was not allowed to see the body, which had been placed in a sealed coffin..

In order to solve this apparent mystery, Anne repeatedly asked for the following 12 years for a copy of the pathologist`s report, only to be rebuffed on every occasion. The death certificate had attributed the death to smoke inhalation.When the autopsy finally arrived, it stated that Roy`s sternum, one of the body`s strongest bones, had been broken.along with several ribs and damage to the skull, consistent with having been badly beaten. It has been said that under intense heat, bones can crack, but if this was the case, how could Mr Cadger possibly have tried to drag him from the car and only suffer minimal burns?

After receiving the autopsy at the end of 2009, I interviewed the pathologist, his response was evasive and unconvincing. He is one of those who has complained to the police about me.

In 2001, Hollie Greig told her mother that Roy had walked in on her being sexually abused by her father. In the ensuing altercation, threats were issued. Anne was able to deduce that the incident had taken place just prior to Roy`s hitherto mysterious death.

It had also come to light that Hollie`s father successfully claimed £51,000 from the Scottish Widows, through a solicitor named by Hollie, on a life insurance policy taken on his brother-in-law`s life.

Meanwhile, Sylvester Cadger had been given an award for his bravery in trying to rescue Roy by the Royal Humane Society, which posed yet another question. In order to receive such an award his action must have been witnessed. It was not a member of the emergency services, although a later newspaper report mentioned a "passing nurse", odd in itself given the remoteness of the spot. However, there seems to be no record at all of this elusive individual, The Royal Humane Society does not know, the police do not know and Sylvester Cadger refuses to answer. Now Mr McGeechan, at the Crown office, has refused to disclose the identity of this person, always assuming that the individual actually exists.

Within the PCCs 2006 inquiry requested by Anne into Grampian police`s failures to investigate, no mention of  Roy taking his own life was even mentioned in the extensive report.

When I was first arrested in 2010, on the 12th February and was questioned, I disclosed my concern about Sylvester Cadger`s  role in Roy`s death. My suspicions were raised further when both the transcripts which arrived later thisfrom the Police and Crown Office had omitted the entire mention of Mr Cadger. When challenged, both stated that no omissions had been made and that the transcripts were faithful to the contents of the tape. Thanks to my solicitor, Mr Gerry Sweeney, who successfully pressed to obtain the tape, there was the section about Syvester Cadger. Why did the Police and Crown Office omit and then lie about it?

No other section had been tampered with.

It must be said that Sylvester Cadger is not among those named by Hollie and he is not one of the 61 prosecution witnesses in my case.

In May 2011, Malcolm Webster  was convicted of the murder of his wife, Claire, in 1994 in a burning car not far from Aberdeen. Quite apart from it taking 17 years to convict Webster, there are some alarming similarities with Roy`s death. Grampian police initially described her death as an accident, despite police and fire officers who were present suspecting foul play at the outset. Several testified that they were told to forget their concerns and move on by senior officers. Grampian Police and the Crown Office even refused to conduct an investigation in 2001, when approached by the New Zealand Police, after Webster had tried to kill his second wife in similar circumstances. In fact, it took an intervention by Scotland Yard years later to force Grampian into appropriate action to secure the long-overdue conviction. Even more suspicious is that some senior personnel were the same as those in Roy`s case, the same pathologist and the same Chief Constable. Ian Oliver was forced to resign in disgrace after failures in the Scott Simpson case, a nine-year-old boy murdered by a paedophile. Two of her relatives named by Hollie as abusers also came before the court, described as friends of the murderer, from whom they received an unexplained payment of £10,000, Webster also made a fraudulent insurance claim of £200,000 on his wife`s life.

What is really going on at Grampian Police?

It really looks as though two attempted cover ups of similar murders in the nineties have taken place. It is surely now time to examine the true cause of  the death of Robert David Greig.


  1. "Consequently, it is difficult to know how much longer I shall be able to post my blog"

    Are you going to continue the campaign?

  2. Much as I've expressed disquiet about the 'tack' Robert Green has taken in addressing the B.O.P. charges - And indeed concerns over the superficiality of much of his research generally - The issues and points raised in the article above are, for the most part, very valid and of most serious concern.

    - Elephants exist in this room too. Mr Greig did have his troubles. And CPR does sometimes result in broken ribs. However there is no evidence to suggest Mr Greig was suicidal - Angry at being 'fitted up' perhaps; but very much a man still ready willing and able to battle all that life might throw at him.

    There is also serious concern over the character of certain individuals involved in the incident. And similarly the issue of the vehicle simply 'catching fire' - Drawing comparisons with the Webster case?

    There are a couple of 'problem' Police forces in Scotland - Grampian being prime among them in my opinion.

  3. Grampian Police have a special unit for homophobic crimes. Is there a similar unit for crimes against disabled people?

  4. What is the name of the bravery award given to Sylvester Cadger and who nominated and seconded the award, and who presented it? If you find this out then you might be able to solve the puzzle.

  5. There are some similarities with the death of Scots politician Willie Macrae. The first person at the scene of his 'accident' was a mate and business partner of Kenny Macaskill. With Kenny's mate was his then fiancee who was training to be a doctor. Watch this video.

    Robert, it might be worth asking around to see if anyone has taken a policy out on you.

    Was DS Lisa Evans involved? Got her warrant number yet?

  6. Some questions:

    Did Roy Greig notify the police that he had witnessed his niece being sexually abused ?

    Why did Roy Greig not tell Anne that he had witnessed Hollie being abused ?

    Has Roy Greig's autopsy been examined by an independent doctor ? If so, what was his verdict ?

    Can you explain how Hollie's father was able to take out a life insurance policy on Roy Greig, who was not his next-of-kin ?

    Can you provide documentary proof of the money paid from Scottish Widows ?

  7. Toum: unlikely. As much as I think Hollie has suffered unimaginable horrors, I believe many of the further allegations of abuse from powers on high and cover ups and conspiracies and suspicious deaths are all fantasy.

    There is no plausible explanation why, if the allegations are true, it has not already come to the attention of the mainstream media.

    I follow this story with intrigue, but fear it is dwindling. Sadly, one of the 2 conservative MPs who have shown any interest is clearly barking mad.

    Where's the national coverage? WHY is there no national coverage?.

  8. Well, all I can say is that if I was Sylvester Cadger and I had been given an award for risking my own life in order to try to rescue a man from a burning car, my family would be bragging about it all over the internet about how brave I was. It's a bit weird that there is nothing about this award on the internet.

  9. John Barton asked...

    "There is no plausible explanation why, if the allegations are true, it has not already come to the attention of the mainstream media."

    I'm afraid there is and it's really quite simple. Fact is that many media professionals are extremely frustrated at not being able to report this case.

    - It's currently impossible to touch on Hollie's case without quickly encountering the extended allegations. - Which include issues that place those reporting them outside UK legal restrictions and in particular the Sexual Offences Act.

    What 'stands up' (i.e. matters such as those supported by Eva Harding's report etc) is deeply entangled with these other matters. Thus anyone reporting on this runs a very real risk of becoming liable through mechanisms such as 'jigsaw identification' for breaches of laws such as the SOE, the Defamation act etc...

    There is also the point that with all this material so readily accessible any attempt to prosecute the perpetrators will meet with a move for mis-trial on the basis that a fair trial is not possible given the high profile and publicity...

    The general feeling is that won't change until time has caused the problematic material - which should never have been published - to fall from its current profile.

    Hope is not entirely lost of bringing some of those implicated in Hollie's case to book; albeit on other (similar) matters. With all that has happened in Hollie's case there are concerns over letting them slip through the net again - Hollie's case; or at least many names associated with it; also 'pop up' in varous other places...

    Again; no-one wishes to add to the 'wrongs' by jeopardising a potential prosecution.

  10. "many media professionals are extremely frustrated at not being able to report this case"

    Do any of these professionals write for a national newspaper? Can you name one?

    I'd like to hear it for myself. This is what mark daly said recently when I asked if he was going to have another look into the case:

    "I'm even more convinced now than I ever was that the substantive allegations are untrue, I'm afraid, Jonny. "

    Mark Daly, BBC.

    Over to you...


  11. John Barton, do you also work for the BBC?

  12. Sorry if that sounds nosy, I just wondered if you were the RSC John Barton, as I remember speaking to him once before, about a part he played in something, by Ibsen I think.

  13. The death of Roy Greig has close similarities to the death of James Corin in Surrey in November 2005. He was found burning to death in his garden in suspicious circumstances late in the afternoon. He died having burnt to death. He was thought to have been doused in petrol which accelerated the process.

    Surrey Police didn't investigate his death thoroughly. They ignored information given to them which suggested he was murdered. The Inquest verdict was that it was an accident. The Coroner gave false information at the hearing and distorted other details. Despite the fact it should have been held with a jury, there was none.

    James had been involved in a campaign against paedophiles, Freemasons and Surrey Police in the two years before he died.


  14. Has anyone contacted Olenka Frenkel? She was the journalist who made the television documentary on the Marc Dutroux case in Belgium. I believe she has information which links this to activities and people in the UK.



  16. "Despite all my efforts the criminals within Reigate police station have not been arrested. Good police officers who want to do their job find that they cannot. There are plenty of good officers within this nation who are desperate to expose this corruption and uphold the law. Police officers themselves are persecuted by the Freemasons.

    I can no longer pursue my investigation as I have suffered a great deal of persecution too. It is now up to others to bring about justice. However I am happy to speak about my knowledge of the corruption and to share my evidence with anyone who cares to take an interest.

    I have compromised the masons conspiracy so much they had me arrested on 12th August 2004 in a village called Seend Cleeve near Melksham in Wiltshire. The whole village was sealed off by multiple Armed Response Units. The arrest was made on the basis of a fraudulent warrant for ABH and GBH taken out in Hastings police station on 11th August. I was never told who I was alleged to have assaulted and I have never been questioned about it. "

    Dreadful. How can so few people be responsible for so much wickedness? How can they get away with these crimes time after time after time? God, please help us all!

  17. Yes; I'm sure Mark would say that... Him being a 'big journalist' that covers 'big stories' and works with 'big lawyers' an' all... (yawn!)

    - My own position actually doesn't deviate too far from Mark's in that respect. I believe Mark does NOT deny that at some point Hollie was probably abused...

    That being the case I, and many others, find it very difficult to walk away from the fact that there seems to have been only a superficial investigation into that abuse, her alleged abusers have now lived many years in the sun enjoying the good life...


    There IS also Green's treatment, which is extraordinary. Granted; Green has not helped himself...

    But the correct and proper way for this to go would have been for Buchanan to take action against BOTH Green and Greg Lance-Watkins - The latter having had FAR more to do with the publishing of these allegations and the material that should be protected under the law. This in itself raises a few issues...

    1) Why is the public purse and the Criminal law being used to pursue a private agenda? - To the tune of £250K easily and possibly up to £500K...

    2) What 'hold' does Greg Lance-Watkins have over the likes of Buchanan et all that allows him to 'run free' whilst Green is scapegoated?

    3) The extraodinary resources that the Crown has deployed in the pursuit of Green indicate they are desperate to silence him. Why? - It IS relatively easy to dismiss much of the embroidary surrounding Hollie's allegations - That being the case is there something about the underlying fabric that they would rather wasn't discovered?

    As I've often repeated - They doth protest too much!

    Merely 'working for a national newspaper' - or for that matter a national broadcaster - doesn't automatically make one credible; quite the reverse in many cases as many 'pocket journalists' are learning to their cost...

    Though as it happens yes some of those I am in regular contact with DO work for such organisations, yes I CAN name them but I'm very obviously not about to jeopardise anyone's position by doing so... And it's really rather silly of you to ask!

    For my part I had hoped to provoke Green into addressing the patently obvious holes in the extended allegations. I have also encouraged him to buy and read and digest a copy of 'Mc Naes'... With a view to moderating what was being published and damaging the case. By that means I had hoped an 'oblique' approach to the case would be made possible; through the examination of his own extraordinary treatment...

    Instead he's continued to dig himself a deep dark hole; at the bottom of which remains the injutice meted out to Hollie - Even if the "substantive" allegations are untrue - the fact remains somone raped that little girl and got away with it!

    - And that's been compounded by the very CLEAR abuse of power by the authorities in recent times.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. A book Zoompad - 'McNae's Essential Law for Journalists' - It's pretty much standard issue to anyone setting out on a media career... Relatively cheap and relatively complete; it tells you the basics of the laws that affect the media.

    No campaigner, and certainly no media professional should be without a copy.

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