Friday, January 13, 2012

Trial on the 16th January

Although I haven`t spoken yet to my new legal team, the trial is still set to begin in Stonehaven at 10.00 hrs on Monday. If there is any unlikely last-minute change I shall let you know, as a number of kind and courageous supporters of Hollie have indicated that they wil come along, some from considerable distances.

I hope I didn`t give the impression of being a little down at the beginning of my last blog, because that definitely isn`t the case. All I wanted to convey was that the Scottish legal and political elite have a strong vested interest in shutting me up by putting me in jail. The constant violations of my human rights from the day I was first arrested is surely contrary to the terms of Article 6(1), which indicates that I have a right to a fair trial. In no way could it be said that I have been treated without bias by the Scottish justice system, if that is not a contradiction in terms. 

I have every intention of carrying on blogging, but it might be a bit difficult for me, if I`m put in prison again.

Former Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini must be called as a defence witness and I believe that Sheriff Principal Bowen has already damaged my defence by refusing to allow Crown Prosecutor to be called . It is significant that in spite of our later differences, all my previous six legal advisors were convinced that McGowan should have been ordered to comply with his citation.

It has been established already, thanks to the letters of Brian Adam MSP of 27th October and 28th November 2000 and Angiolini`s own letter to Anne`s solicitor of 12th July 2001, that she publicly lied when she claimed to have no involvement in the case. It is also a matter of public record that she has failed to comply with the formal requests of the FOI Commissioner, over the last six months of her tenure, to divulge how Levy & McRae were paid for her private legal actions to silence the media over her involvement in the Hollie Greig case.

So, the head of the justice system, responsible ultimately for all Scottish prosecutions, blatantly contravenes the terms of the FOI (Scotland) Act 2002.

Quite transparently, she has misappropriated public funds for her personal use and potential private financial gain. Who would refuse to answer, when being  branded as a thief , if one could prove that such an allegation was untrue?

The recipients of the funds, Levy & McRae must know , too, but Senior Partner Peter Watson steadfastly refuses to disclose the truth.

It is, of course, a scandal in itself that Alex Salmond, in the full knowledge that she is likely to face criminal charges, not only refused to sack her immediately, but has now awarded her a plum job in assisting him. All this for someone who is not SNP and a Unionist. A valid question - what hold has she got over him?

She is a key figure in my case as all the actions I took that led to the charges against me were largely atributable to her failures and dishonesty.

This a criminal matter and I intend to see that it is dealt with appropriately.

The last word about Elish Angiolini should perhaps come not from me .but from the eminent Professor Robert Black QC, who described her term of office as "a disastrous experiment."

The good professor was being rather kind to her, I think.


  1. I hope you don't mind me posting this here Robert.

    I believe that so strongly. It kept me going, through all the dark frightening days I went through.

    God bless you and be with you and protect you and Hollie and Anne and all the people who have been so brave to try to get justice for Hollie and her uncle.

  2. Let us hope that 'jail' is not the outcome of this travesty of justice and you can keep blogging.
    However, should Scottish justice run its customary course and you are 'set up' royally, then your case and that of Hollie and Anne shall continue to reverberate with added cachophony through the blogs and websites and calls from human rights advocates.
    The Holyrood and COPFS establishment - nor the Scaberdeen kiddie fiddling cabal - shall derive no peace from silencing yourself as the echoes of the case will resound at a geometric rate throughout cyberspace and the alternative media.

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