Friday, January 27, 2012


A local police officer called at my home this afternoon, on behalf of Sergeant Hogg of Central Police, Scotland, to provide me with a crime reference number in connection with my formal complaint about the alleged misappropriation of public funds by Elish Angiolini, in order to pay Levy & McRae for legal actions on her behalf in a private capacity.

Such an alleged crime should not be difficult to solve. All Dame Elish needs to do is to provide proof that the fees in question were paid by her personally. However, it would seem that she has so far been finding this simple query difficult to address. It is now two years since the question was first put to her and for a six-month period, the Freedom of Information Commissioner, Mr Kevin Dunion, asked her to respond. She has yet failed to do so.

Levy & McRae ought also to be able to help clear this issue up. The firm must know who it invoiced and who paid the bill. There can be no lawful reason for the Scottish taxpayer to have paid this.

Central Police say that everyone in Scotland is treated equally under the law. If Dame Elish remains unable to exonerate herself, there can be no reason why she should not be arrested and charged, as anyone unfortunate enough to have less influential allies would be in similar circumstances.


  1. I second that Robert. Nothing to hide, nothing to fear. If you have broken the law, then you are accountable under it.

  2. Let's hope that his isn't strung out, like the Chris Huhne speed camera business.

  3. A local police officer. Wouldn't it have been more appropriate for someone of a higher ranking than a local bobby to be taking on the case, given the serious nature of the crime and Elish Angiolini's position?

  4. This post is being made at 20:02 GMT. I'm curious as to why the time stamp on my previous one was 8 hours behind. Any Ideas?

    1. Check your settings; either your computer or the account you're posting from may be set to one of the U.S. timezones; they often are by default.

    2. I note on your blog that you refer to groups continually naming names. However you do not give name to the groups in question.

    3. I don't - no, of course I don't!

      Does the irony of what you've written not strike you? As much as I strongly disapprove of these actions, what good will it do Hollie's case if ANOTHER of those who claim to support her are prosecuted? This time perhaps for something more serious than BOP?

      I'll have no part in that; NOR will I give these damaging sites the oxygen of publicity.

      THEY know who they are and that the damaging nature of their actions has been noted... It's up to them to 'straighten up and fly right' or continue to dig themselves a deeper hole and eventually reveal (as I suspect) that they are actually part of the problem; as was the case with Greg Lance-Watkins.

      The general public, (and the perpetrators) so informed; and with the will to educate themselves will be able to verify from various independent sources that what I am saying of how the law on reporting works is correct - I ask no-one to simply take MY word for it!

      Those with eyes who don't REFUSE to see the truth, no matter how inconvenient it may be, will recognise for themselves the damage that is being done...

      Again; I'd really rather people worked out the reality of all this for themselves (and act appropriately) rather than simply take ANYONE'S word at face value...

      DO the research. Find out what the law of the land is; and why it has evolved the way it has...

  5. Zoompad; A local Police officer called to deliver a message. In a criminal investigation most of the donkey work is done by lower ranks... Otherwise you'd have Superintendants out measuring skid marks in the road while Bobbies stood around pointing...

    Its's perfectly routine... Sgt Hogg, it seems has been assigned the initial investigation. - Expect a closing of ranks in Edinburgh though; and a brick wall to be put in front of the Sgt..

  6. "Otherwise you'd have Superintendants out measuring skid marks in the road while Bobbies stood around pointing"

    Like when Stuart Syvret had his house raided and computer siezed you mean?

  7. Or the four that crashed around inside Hollie Greigs house while she and her mum were on holiday?

  8. NOT defending any of that Zoompad... If you're determined to see bogey men around every corner you will; and you'll spend your life being chased around by them...

  9. Sorry, but what do you mean by that remark "If you're determined to see bogey men around every corner you will", would you mind explaining what you mean as I don't really understand what you are trying to say, thanks

  10. Who are you exactly Matt? Are you the Matt Quinn who works for Michael Page International? Do you know Matt Tapp?

  11. I'm a TV producer... And occasional lecturer in TV production, including among my specialities Media Law. I trained with Thames News and have run my own production companies since 1986.

    NO I don't work for Michael Page International(a recruitment company???)and I've no idea who Matt Tapp is.

    -If you are determined to interpret EVERY single little move made by a third party as 'wrong' and part of some great conspiracy then in your own mind that prophecy of doom will be both self-fulfilling and inevitable...

  12. Matt
    been caught out Zoompad good work.

  13. I think you have hit a raw nerve Zoompad that shows Matt Quinn has an agenda not in line with the Hollie Greig case.

  14. Eng65 - Exactly WHAT are you bumping your gums at?

    Who has been "caught out"? In what way? Me? This Tapp fellow?

    I've lived and worked in Scotland since 1986... I concern myself with relatively local issues. I had no involvement whatsoever with reporting on Soham. Never had cause to deal with Nottinghamshire Police. - Never heard of "Matt Tapp" until today; why would I? - He seems to be a PR consultant working in some obscure corner of another country - England!

    Do you expect your local Plumber to know every other plumber in the UK????

    - The fact that Nottinghamshire Police involved a 'Media Consultant' should come as no surprise in these days of political spin. Seems since 2011 they've employed him full time; but again - no surprise...

    The last thing the Police would have wanted or needed was the sort of situation that developed just last year with Chris Jeffries in the Jo Yeates case...

    OR indeed the sort of situation where careless reporting and naming of names 'tipped off' a miscreant or later provied them with grounds to appeal...

    Mr Tapp's track record isn't something I know anything about or can comment on.

  15. And I think I've hit a raw nerve with certain individuals who were hoping to flog their sad magazines, books and DVDs off the back of Hollie's Tragedy...

  16. Matt, I hope you're not referring to my book Tip. I only got that book published to make it harder for me to be dissappeared, as other Pindown victims have been. I haven't made a penny out of it, as it cost me over £1000 to get it published. I would not like to think you were accusing me of being a moneygrubber Matt, that would not be very nice. Anyway, at least I haven't sold my soul to work for MI5

  17. If no-one minds, I would like to say an online prayer for Hollie, Anne and Robert.

    Dear Lord Jesus,

    Please will you continue to protect HOllie Anne and Robert, and not let any harm come to them, and if anyone plots against them I ask you to make what happened to the plotters against Queen Esther and Daniel happen to them, that they fall into their own trap, and not let Hollie Anne or Robert be hurt at all.

    Thank you for hearing my prayer dear Lord Jesus

    Love Barbara xx

  18. I'd no idea YOU had published a book...

    The people I have in my sights have a much more commercial organisation in mind; and are quite frankly after a bit of David Icke's market... One has spent the past 20 or so years trying to gain a 'place' on the conspiracy circuit...

    As for MI5... Seriously??

    I hope your prayer is answered in respect of Hollie and Anne.

    Anyways - As you'll see from my latest blog entry I am now OUT of this one; and I expect these to be my very last words on the subject.

  19. My prayer will be answered, because Jesus always answers prayers. People forget to ask Him for what they need, or are too proud. I've had all the pride and stuffing knocked out of me, getting abused and reabused and called a nutter most of my life has done that much, so now I just have to go to Jesus like a little baby and ask Him to help me, because who else will?

    If its Jordan Maxwell you're talking about, well, I am not in his fan club either, because I dont want anything to do with blasphemers who set themselves up as The Messiah.

  20. Before you go Matt, having put away your ARGOS swivel chair spare a thought in particularly to the Hollie Greigs of this world.

    You can now if you so wish send by what ever means of transmission a communication to those in High office in Scotland. Demand to know that, is it the public purse that paid for this travesty.

    I am sure you will be totally ignored even though you did provide your full credentials.

  21. It seems that handing out leaflets is now considered to be a much more terrible crime in this day and age than child abuse, murder and perjury.

    Robert Green is not the only person that I am aware of who has been charged with this terrible crime. An 86 year old 5 time medalled (for bravery) WW2 veteran called Norman Scarth is this morning attending court in Leeds charged with the same crime.

  22. Eng65 - If you're going to make obscure references you'll need to explain them... They may mean something in your world; but not in the real world... Why does it matter where I buy Office furniture from? - or not as the case might be???

    We are, as a company, working on several different issues; and Hollie's case is tertiary to some of them. More than that you have no need to know...

    And yes: I fully expect that initially the compliant against Angiolini will be obfuscated. When she has no fear of the ICO she's unlikely to be impressed with either a press or a warrant card... Robert's complaint can be considered a well placed shot across the bows.

    My final position for the moment is here...

    ...Unless there are radical changes, Hollie's case will probably remain forever seeped in obscurity. - Of course certain individuals WILL be making a nice living out of it... And the mentally ill will continue to rattle about Masons and witches and MI5...

    Lost cause with all that going on!

  23. Matt Quinn (real name Matt Tapp). Are you going to tell us why you were on the Channel 4 Dispatches programme "Searching for Madeleine" on October 18th 2007 ?

  24. Clearly, the person calling themself "Zoompad" is -- at best -- an attention-seeker.

    "Eng65": Mr. Quinn has provided a voluminous amount of advice and overwhelmingly constructive criticism for this campaign. Perhaps you should direct your suspicion and indignation at others who may be here only trying to disrupt?

    To come back to the subject in hand, may I wish Mr. Green every success in this new avenue, and to thank him for the service he is doing Scotland.

  25. NO Carl - sorry 'CAROL' (sigh) I'm not going to explain that because...

    a) My REAL name IS Matt Quinn; and that is perfectly checkable...

    b) I have never appeared in ANY Channel 4 programme.

    Sorry Y'all - the link to my last blog post on the matter is above. - The loonies who imagine MI5, Mason, Witches, Hob Goblins are behind all this - Everything BUT the reality of a bunch of dirty perverts and dishonest injelitant public servants... Just get some therapy guys; you're doing no-one any good; leat of all yourselves...

  26. Clearly the person calling themselves "Aptl" is a tricksy Troll

  27. Perhaps the best way to sort out the Matt Quinn/Matt Tapp confusion is to have a photo of them both posted.

  28. Here is a picture of Matt Tapp. Will Matt Quinn show a picture of himself ?

  29. "Just get some therapy guys"

    Now that really is uncalled for. Do you know how difficult it is to even get the police to investigate institutional child abuse (historic abuse as they like to call it), let alone be given any access to therapy?

    I had to nag like hell to get any, as the GPs just kept giving me prescriptions for all sorts of addictive and dangerous rubbish, and then when I did get a few councelling sessions they sent me to one of the places I was abused at as a child, triggering off a massive panic attack on the way home, resulting in me being whisked off to A and E and being thrown off the trolly and left on the floor weeping for 20 - 30 minuits with staff mocking me and walking over me. In the end a little old lady and some students helped me get back home.

    Don't make me laugh by talking to me about "getting some therapy".

  30. Matt Quinn ADMITS he works for Central Scotland Police !

    And I can confirm, having worked for them in the past, that Central Scotland Police are a fine and highly credible force.

    So Matt Quinn/Matt Tapp is linked to Dunblane, Soham and Maddie McCann.

  31. Nice one Carol!

    Come on Matt, lets see what you look like then.

  32. Norman Scarth has been committed for trial at crown court for handing out leaflets.

  33. Well thats that then. In the British Isles handing out leaflets is officially a criminal offence. It's a worse offence than raping children and murdering people.

    Are we going to have the police banging at our doors all hours to arrest us for possession of dangerous panphlets?

    This country is one big unfunny joke.

    I bet Norman wishes he had been a concientious objector when expected to do his duty to his country on that cold Arctic ocean now, as his country is now bayoneting him in the stomach with these sick non laws.

  34. You should be ready to face the music, if you've committed a crime. If you're innocent, you've nothing to fear about.

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